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Happy Xmas

Happy Xmas
in slovenia

awakening of spring

a walk in a park
on a sunny spring day
i am wearing short skirt
just for you
to bend over
your strong self
in front your hard cock.
i would like my daddy please
to play with me behind
and pulling my hair
while rubbing my clit
and fucking my pussy
licking me all over.
i want you to scratch
my back
pull my neck
squeeze my breasts.
make me come!
your little birch!
dyke doggy stile
in a park
is my favourite style.

my daddy

who are you
who makes me wonder
feel beautiful?
force your power!!!
my daddy!!!
your strong hands
caress my body
my pussy for you
so no one will hear...
my moans.
so no one will know...
when you are fucking me hard
all i want you to rip
my pussy with your cock.
how I want that my daddy
likes my little pussy!
I will be a very good
little girl for my big butch daddy.


You have too much capital
that you count in cash.
and lines of coke.

Money buys happiness
Lot of drugs for you
Always wanting a good time.

With all wealth
You may buy friends
You can not buy my love.

My heart is free as a bird
Not on sale for anyone.

Even if my pockets are torn
My hands are always giving,

Love love love love love

I gave you my heart for free
I took it back on time
You can not buy me.

I do not want your dirty mouth
I do not want your angry eyes
I do not want your crocked heart.

My heart will always be rich
Your heart will always be poor!

Oh my life

Oh my life what is?
Running away from sadness
Escaping angry doors
When it hits me pain
I feel a little guilt
That I have let you down.

You say do not be sad
You forbid to be angry
You radicalise pain
But how can I be
Anything else than myself
You say you do not want
to be here
If I cry
If I swear
If I am me.

let it go guilt for mother
Let it hide anger for father
let it choke pain for brother
So you can be happy with me
I tried I tried I tried
Not good enough
I filed I failed I failed.

You are not happy for me
When you can not let me be me
If I can not be guilty
Sad and angry with you
It is time to let you go.

The believe

I believed for a reason
I coloured my eyes
That you are worth

Hope that miracles exist
Joy we used to share
Will it come back?

Instead of this pain?
Truth there is no love in
How you pervertedly behaved

Forgiveness I had
Now I know oh I know
You love your coke

In your world there is no place
For someone like myself
Who believes in fairies and dwarfs

My mistake

I fell in love with you
almost felt that I love you
and I tried to love you baby
but we never came so far
you had perverted sense of loving
me compassionate and kind
you are unemotional and detached
I am intuitive and sympathetic
I was falling deeper in love with you
you were hurting me more
and you were falling deeper
in relationship with drugs.
Only what you wanted was feeling high
only what you could do was fake fun
and I am happy you left me.
I should have walked away much earlier.
And I stayed in my weakness
in my hope you can be there for me...
when you were judging me for being sad
when I grieved my family being abusive to me
and that they will never call you my wife.
And now I say fuck you!

I love you like a love song by Chipettes


Fuck you my dear
I hate you so much
As I used to love you.

You have chosen drugs
Over me, over love.

You were not worth
My tears for you
My love I gave.

You were controlling
You were patronising
You were moody
You were addict.

I believed you would change
I had too much understanding
I have to much pride now
To ever ever call you love.

You were controlling
You were patronising
You were ice hearted
Denying me affection
After we made love
You are mean
You are not clean
You are on cocaine
You loved me in between
But true love were drugs.

You said you lost our love
You say I do not understand you
You say I do not listen
You say I am Eastereuropean
You say I am too young
You say I am way behind you
You say I am all about healthy
You say I am affectionate
You say I am grieving
You say I am exaggerating grieve
You say I am needy of hugs
You say I am way too serious
You say I am dreamy
You say I am not attractive
You say I am poor
You say I am socialist
You say I am anarchist
You say I am communist
You say I am wonderful
You say I am caring
You say I am funny
You say I am intelligent
You say I am passionate
You say I am creative
You say I am fit
You say I am great in bed
You say I am your girlfriend
You say l am beautiful
You say I am wild
You say I am slut by night
You say I am princess by day
You say I am perfect
You say
You say you love me.
I say I love you too.

Then you walked away.
You said that it is because you do not love me
And I realised that I do not love you too.

You can be wonderful, true.

But I do not dream you would change any more.

But I do not make excuses for you any more.

But I do not want to be yours any more.

And I do not want you to want me.

You can be a
Ice cold

Lesson of this story:
Never date a cokebitch.

You thought me a lot
And you gave me loads
I do not hate you
I forgive you all.



She can be such a bitch sometimes
moody and attacking
where is her kindness?
I question if I love her then.
I crave memories of honeymoons B
elieve that she can be different.
Hard to know what I want
But I do need bullshit.
I will not go anymore
Like this.
It must change.

Sometimes I feel like

I would never have guessed
that being with you
would help me to grow
to let go
my sorrows
my pain
my quilt
you teach me patience
with love and pain
I search for trust
fear of opening
too much
for I to be weak
for I to be true with you
for you to be weak with me
how I react on you
you bounce off me
jumping around fire
getting myself burn
letting ourselves burn
I would never have guessed
have you feel right now
I will never guess
how things came
to what the came
and where
they will go.

Sade - The Sweetest Taboo